6 May 2013


This made me smile, stunning video by Nicolas Devaux. Found it via Bye Bye Charlie

5m80 door lesateliersOrange

Nicolas Devaux 2

Nicolas Devaux 4

Studio Escargot

I keep telling myself, Annemay will like this, it will be her favourite one. I love buying books and toys for her.  I do not have much (yet) as I have my eyes set on specific items. I already got her a blabla kids doll...only took me about a few months to decide which one...and now I have my eyes set on these cuties: Studio Escargot dolls

I wanna have one made with the suit Annemay wore when she was born. She still fits in it, so I have to wait a bit. These cuties are made by Sophia Smeekens and are becoming a real hit. Many mums on instagram have already gotten 1 or more for their baby girls. She is having a give -away, so go have a look here.

Aren't they adorable?

2 May 2013

IG love

Funny how life changes in an instant, one minute you are a couple and the next you are a small family.

My days are filled with feeding, changing nappies, singing and washing (lots of washing:-)). No more extensive cooking & baking. In the future again I hope :-). For now I have an adorable little girl to entertain who is smiling more and more each day and has new noises every single day. I think she has a portuguese temper, she already has mood swings, definately from papa' s side:-)

I have developed a crush on Instagram, you will find me daily there...so inspirational, you find recognition with other mums and I love peeking in other people' s lives. My name there is jbeerepoot, should you wanna look ;-).

Via IG I found Zilverblauws blog (see here) and the great posters she makes and a very yummy egg-advocado salad. She makes beautifull pictures. I bought one poster of her posters: Never Grow Up...:-). Looks great in Annemays room. (For the salad recipe look here.)

Ps. the other lovely poster is from Studio Meez

Picture made by Zilverblauw