18 November 2012

Blue Rabbit House

The Blue Rabbit House I love to follow, she makes such pretty things. I once asked her to make me a pencilholder that I can use for my crochet needles. She made it perfect, colours that I liked, the style. I posted it a while ago here.

She is now hosting a lovely give away, a very cute by fold wallet. If you wanna enter, click here to find what u need to do..Its very simple :-)

11 November 2012

The Glow

"a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms". 

The way they style, how to multi task..it all looks awesome. Mine is on the way and I hope I will look like them. In control, in good shape, loving, creative and happy!

Inspiring mums! Have a look at The Glow here.

Meet Meredith, Christiane, Jeannan, Ramya Jennifer and many more remarkable women. 

7 November 2012


Every thursday I had Portuguese class after work. And every thursday on my way to class I would pass by Mondaine and found myself luring through the windows. Beautifull appetizing cup cakes.

I have taken a break from classes and if possible i will return in April next year. When I do and I promise myself, this time when I pass and find myself luring through the windows, I will enter the shop and get me one of those yummy lovelies.

Or maybe I will invite some friends and have ourselves some nice tea with a yummy cupcake. For 90% made from biological products, daily variety of muffins, cupcakes and macarons.

Pictures from here

3 November 2012


There are thrift shops and there are thrift shops. You have the regular secong hand shops, like De Schalm, de kringloopwinkel. And then there is Stijlloods, beautifull second hand items, unique, good quality and certainly not standard. Love this store, actually ran into a desk I inherited from my mum. Will make a picture sometime and post it. Should you ever be in Haarlem, you should have a look at Stijlloods!

I found a cute thing for the baby room and an old fashioned cleaning set for records and recordplayer for Mr. P.