22 April 2013

Sun is shining

So happy, finally the sun has decided to come out and bring us warmth, its finally spring.

Last Sunday we went for a bicycle ride and spent some time along the canal enjoying the view and weather. Making plans for maybe going the France to visit some family before I go to work, future bicycle trips and our holidays in Portugal this year. Its a busy and exciting year!

What did you do?



19 April 2013


Hello everyone,

it has been ages since I have been here...sorry for that. The last weeks of pregnancy my mind was elsewhere :-) and these first first weeks were a rollercoaster, a new adventure.

March 1st I became mama to a beautifull babygirl we named Annemay. Today she is 7 weeks and has her own little personality. Starts to smile, new noises, very curious and knows what she wants (even though I am at a total loss as I have no clue what she wants sometimes :-).

I will try to start posting more often again and I have so much catching up to do. Hope all is well with everyone!