25 February 2012

Little project

Last year I started my little project, writing letters to people and I have met some lovely people and am still writing to them. It so much fun coming home seeing a letter, I have to hold myself for not tearing it open immediately, I wanna enjoy every little piece of it. So I make myself a tea and sit down and slowly get through the things...I hope I will be writing to my new friends for a long time!

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Such a beautifull day, bright and sunny! One more month and it will be spring. I can't wait for summer, holidays, friends, family, travel and the beach.

I saw this bikini: a Black swan inspired collection for the 2012 campaign for White Sands. Could see myself wondering along the beach wearing one of these lovely bikini' s...

22 February 2012

Double coconut muffins

I really feel like baking, the yummy cookies from Mulipuli, or a fruit cake from one of my recipe books or maybe these double coconut muffins...

I have had this feeling since last friday, but had no time...this weekend I have to do something with that feeling.

:-) Good for my growling stomach or my loves..who is always happy when I start baking.

21 February 2012


I like... to have these!! Check their website Muuto for more amazing stuff!

So simple, so smart!!

19 February 2012

Happy Sunday

Bit sore on the muscles today (even in places I could not imagine being sore at), did some fitnesstraining on friday and a great lunch after with my best friend and her adorable 8 weeks old. This little man is a master in pulling funny faces. Yesterday did some boxing and headed off to Rotterdam for my fathers b-day....65 already. Today its relaxing day

Happy sunday ya'll!!

Ps. Isn't this kermit cute..? I like the picture, wonder how the pop tart tastes..

15 February 2012

A code of origin

Bags, bags and bags. I love them, the more the merrier. Different sizes, different colours. A code of origin makes happy fairtrade bags. Even better knowing you supporting your bag collection and a quarter of the profit   made on the bag will go to a social project in Laos.

These 2 are my favourites, have a look for more here.

Makes me smile

I love flowers, and b-friend knows it, he knows how to make his girl happy. He signs the notes & cards I give him and saves them, so he remembers when he got which one. Saw him yesterday signing my handmade card with the date. Really sweet isn't it.


14 February 2012

Happy Valentines day

This day should not be any different then the other days, you should always say I love you to someone you care about. However its still nice to make someone something and so I did. I am home armed with tissues since I have a terrible cold..(probably from the iceskating), found some great ideas on this new blog i like: Mulipuli, thank you!! Have a look for the recipe here and the DIY for the card here

I made a nice valentines card and some yummy chocolate..how do I know...as a proper chef you always taste the food before you give it to someone to eat ;-).

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12 February 2012


As a kid I remember going ice skating almost every year. On big lakes (well as a child they do seem really big), trying the follow my dad for about 5 minutes, which was impossible, since he was way faster. But since 1997 we haven't had such a winter anymore that would give us the opportunity to really go ice skating again.
We decided to take the advantage and yesterday we went for a long spin and it was great. Beautiull day, sunny, many people on the ice, such a great atmosphere. we went on the Spaarne, the long canal crossing the city of Heemstede, (my city) Haarlem and Spaarndam. As a kid you never really appreciate it amazing wonders of nature, well yesterday it did. I loved it!



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5 February 2012


Its time to turn a new page and I have been thinking about it for a while. Welcome to daisies & daffodils. Like my old blog I will post about many different things. Things I do, things I find, things I see and things I make.

Hope you to see you all here often!