28 March 2012


The Italian footwear brand Superga is celebrating 100 years in the business, and have chosen Alexa Chung to front its campaign.

I used to have these shoes as well, really comfy and so it seems they are back....maybe I should get a pair again. They really look cute. Maybe I will get a pair with Velcro. See more here.

26 March 2012

Herb tags

I think these would really fit nicely in my tiny garden. See for more here.

25 March 2012

5 things

I have been tagged by sweet Maja in her blog Multipuli in a funny blog game. I like games, so I ofcourse I play! Its not an easy one, answering 5 random things about myself, you start thinking, what do I wanna share? Easier said then done. I always love how other people come up with these quirky funny answers and ofcourse I want mine to be the same:-). So here it goes:

5 things you didn't {want to} know about me

1. I am happy when the sun shines, so I can wash 3 loads a laundry a day and hang every thing outside knowing it will be dry in no time.It makes me happy, I find myself smiling whilst hanging the laundry and who knows why, its still a mystery.

2. I love books, I like seeing them in shelves, I like having them, a house without books is no house for me. Then I see these lovely DIY projects involving peaces of books. I would love to make one however I have never torn up a book...I do not know if I can.

3. I have a habit of breaking things, P truly finds that annoying. (Last night I broke the toiletseat whilst leaning at it, seriously. P Hasn' t seen it yet he is still sleeping now).
I try to fix it before P finds out, he doesn' t like borrowing me stuff afraid I will break it and he always uses the same argument...When we just moved in together P brought a long a huge tv. I put a plant on top and watered it...but as I am clumsy I watered the TV as well and the TV did not take it well and never worked again. My friends find these a really funny story. Yes, originally I am blond!

4. I love boxing. Its not something I thought I would ever like, I used to play field hockey. The first time I started boxing I would not hit the punching bag hard, I thought it would fall over. But still the next day, huge muscle ache. I have been doing that now for over a year and nothing and I mean nothing beats, beating the crap out of a punching bag! Brings me many positive things: less headaches, empties my head, gives me more energy, a better condition and a more toned body, which is good consindering the bikini season is coming up.

5. If anyone would off me a job in Portugal I would not hesitate and say yes! I have fallen in love with my second home and we would love to move there, unfortunately good jobs are hard to find. But I follow portuguese classes so my portuguese will hopefully be perfect one day (a person can aways dream :-))

Ofcourse I am curious about other people too, so I would love to learn 5 things from and pass the challenge on to these 5 amazing ladies:
Teresa from Photo Scenarios
Karolien from Studio Meez
Hermine from Journal de Jours
Camilla from Nao me mande flores
 and Claudia from Wide Eyed Tree

Have an amazing sunday!!

ps. Pictures taken during our trip in Boston, USA


I love to read! I am addicted to it, more or less. When a book gets to me, I just wanna read and read and every chance I get, I read.

I saw this awesome DIY at Vintage pretty, I think this is what I am gonna make myself as well. I am just not sure about tearing up a book...I find that difficult:-)

24 March 2012

Always with butter

Can food look any more appetizing? I love food, but this lady with her pictures makes the food even look better and you can imagine it even tastes better then it already looks..would love to be able to make pictures like that. See more here by Julie Marie and if you want the recipes as well:-). Found this lovely blog via Blog Milk.

ps. have been MIA lately, its just has been crazy busy at work, leaving me no energy when I got home..hope to post more often again!

14 March 2012

Sticky gram

We all make pictures with our phones, we use them in our blogs, but you cannot really print them, I believe the pixels are not enough or something like that. But with sticky gram you can turn you instagram pictures (should you have an iphone, however I believe they are creating the app for samsung phones as well) into magnets. Really cool, I guess I will use P' s iphone more often now, I wanna make some magnets!!

11 March 2012

Planting time

Last year I had grapes, tomates, herbs and strawberries. I came across these pots yesterday and instantly wanted to have them. I also bought some herbs to plant. Just love it, the planting and then seeing them grow. That' s whats spring about isn' t it, seeing things grow? It always amazed me how fast it goes.  Every time I look the plants, they flowers, they have grown and say to P...look they' ve grown. and then I get P' s response: ...yeah so? :-) What else they would do...duhhh





Sunshine award

What a way to start a Sunday. Beautifull sun outside, love the empty streets, the sound of silence...so peacefull. And I got awarded with a "Sunshine award". Obrigada Teresa, so sweet!! Its an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world.

Here are my answers:

Favourite color: Army Green (hard choice, love navy blue and red too, I tend to change my mind several times:-))
Favorite animal: dog
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Home made smoothies and a latte..(not a day passes by without a nice latte!)
Facebook or twitter: Facebook
Getting or giving presents: love both!
Favourite flowers: Roses (but then again, I love flowers and there are so many more pretty ones!)
Favourite pattern: stripes
Passion: cooking & being creative
Favourite number: 5

I award the following 5 blogs!

Cabo da Roca, last year June. P and me on one bike and his cousin and husband on another. A beautifull sunny day, enjoying the ride up there, the amazing view and having breakfast. It was a lovely surprise from P to start of my birthday!

Have a happy and sunny sunday!!

9 March 2012

Last night

Last night P spend a lot of time outside all geared up with camera and the tripod....No clue what he was doing, just let him be. This morning I could not contain my curiousity and decided to have a peak at what he had been doing with the camera...I was pleasantly surprised...I love watching the sky at night, the colours, the clouds, but never have been able to capture it..



2 March 2012

My Holga

I have been using my Holga when I can. Its so much fun, its easy and you never know how it turns out. Even in developing the film. First time I went to Hema and then used the negatives in another shop, and pictures turned out different in both places. At Hema they were brighter and at the photo shop darker...I have no idea why, but next time I guess I will use Hema again.

C here a few I made in New York: