29 October 2012

a few new likes

I have come across some new items I really like, would perfectly fit for a living room...one day when we will have a our dream house and win the lotery, then...then I can maybe look at this:-) and everything else I would like to have in my house...its gonna be a big house..

 Wallpaper by Merci Brooklyn Tins in collaboration with NLXL. Nuvola sofa of Gervasoni by Paola Navone. Cute clocks by Elke van den Berg & Femke Roefs. All found on the website of VT Wonen one of my favourite magazines!

25 October 2012

Chic Sin Design

Can you believe these are pillows? Via etsy; Chic Sin Design

8 October 2012

Half way!

Time flies, half way now,....our little baby entertains herself with lots of turning, turning and turning. We are looking forward to meet her in february.

Meanwhile I entertain myself by decorating her room.

I came across Fabulous Goose. 2 talented Danish designers, Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne have created a beautifull blanket - Fairytale Forest. See their shop here.

Since my mum read many fairy tales when pregnant with me and according to my father I also had fairy tale wallpaper in my babyroom, this blanket seems perfect to me!

1 October 2012

Jacob Sutton

Simply stunning, these photos from Jacob Sutton. 3 beautifull images taken under water. Happy Monday!