29 April 2012

Blog Milk

Found the mailman luring through my window seeing of someone was home when I was walking home from the  greengrocer.

He brought me a lovely surprise!! Obrigada Ana and little Miss Emma. Adoro muito!

28 April 2012

Studio Meez

2 little girls, Lisa and Emma. Studio Meez made these amazing drawings by using photos I send her and she used them to make 2 pretty necklaces. These little girls were so happy, that their mama send me a voice recording of them saying thank you (so cute) and the girls send me drawings of their own to thank me. Thank you Karolien, you made their day and they made mine:-) See her post here.

19 April 2012

Summer search

I am seriously still walking around in my wintercoat. Heatings are still on, still pick my warmest sweaters. My search for the sun sofar has no luck, I really hope the temperatures will be up soon so I can open my doors and windows and welcome the sun in my house.

Meanwhile I feel like Sacha, the most adorable boxer I know, P cousins dog last year when she was still little, crying:

18 April 2012

Sandra Suy

Found these amazing drawings on SjoeSjoe by Sandra Suy. Beautifull!!

17 April 2012


I just love it!! I would not sacrifice my precious trunks, however if you would come across some already cutted, I would love to do this!!

 image via FB

15 April 2012

Pimp my painting

About 3 weeks ago I went to Breda to spend a weekend with my little sister. And i did some research before just to see if there would be some places I would like to visit. I had to visit Feito Com Amor (made with love) and amazing little shop run by Pamela. You will find second hand made pieces, cool fair trade products, things you cannot find anywhere else. If you want something original, thats the place to be and Pamela has a bubbly & happy personality that makes you instantly like her.

She also organizes workshops with several artists and designers, like every 2 months or so and yesterday (i just had to go) did a workshop on pimp my painting by Julie van Zessen. Take a second hand painting and redo it!! So much fun and inspiring to see what other people do.

All of us

before (except for the flowers, i nearly forget to take a before:-))

and after (however not finished yet!)

10 April 2012

Envelope templates

These ones are on their way to my house all the way from Shanghai!!
Via Etsy 

8 April 2012

Banks mansion proudly presents

Amsterdam has many, many and many hotels on offer, should you plan a city trip to Amsterdam. A good option is the Banks Mansion, a lovely boutique hotel along the Herengracht (one of Amsterdam beautifull canals) in the city center.
They offer their guests a unique option, to explore Amsterdam by bike. But not just any bike, no, a wooden bike. Aren' t they amazing? I would love to have a go!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Vrolijk Pasen, Boa Pascoa!!!

P and I have been enjoying a nice quiet day at home. My little friend Bram past by this morning, fortunately his mum didn' t mind driving him here, since he is only 4 months:-)

I made an easter bread, as at the supermarkets they were sold out. Have to admit, home made is much nicer!

We just had our late brunch, Yum!

Mimosa' s (with delicious sweet portuguese oranges)

Poached eggs with advocado on a grilled ciabatta

ps. finally there is instagram for the samsung as well..YEAHHHH