9 December 2013

I am back: Suuz

Hello ya'll

its been a long time. I have been busy adapting to my new life being a mum. It;s hard, but I love it. My little girl is a hand full, has a temper like her father, no patience and makes me smile and love her more every day. Its a little miracle, hard to believe we made her.

But I have been missing this, so time to pick up where I left off. Tîme to write, to explore the blog world and to be inspired.

I have been busy on Instagram, its become an hobby. I met several beautifull people on IG and in real life (mostly mums) and it has been inspiring.

One mum I follow on IG is Esther from Urban Mums. Via her lovely blog I found this : Suuz: Design your own 3D jewerly. OH my...its definately on my wishlist (like everything else;-)). I especially love the nylon editions. Also available in silver and gold.

Gridlock Ring