13 February 2014

Kloo Booso

Sometimes you come across a brand for kids clothing and you wish they would come in Adult Sizes. Seriously! I actually emailed them asking if they would make adult size clothing and yes, this summer they will have some in adult size. I cannot wait!

I bought 2 pieces for Annemay and I would love to buy more. Check their website here.

My absolute favourite, this vest. I would live in it!

4 February 2014

February 14th

Valentines day is coming up and sweet Esther  mama to a beautiful boy from this lovely blog From Ezter with love (check it out) is has decide to rename this day to liefjesdag (day of loved ones).

A day not just to think of the day you have your eye on, but also the people around you. So therefore she decided she wants to send two people a sweet package. If you want to be one of them, check her blog here!