28 June 2012

24 June 2012


Aren't these great, seriously don't you see yourself walking down the street and sing..."these shoes (boots)  are made for walking..............lalalalala"?

Click here if you wanna know more.

My Saturday

Had a lovely saturday with my family, they were coming over for dinner to celebrate my birthday (2 weeks ago). Enough reason for me to hit the cook books and make some stuff. I made an awesome (if I say so myself) red lentilsoup with spinach, ginger and red pepper. (and a chocolate pie, but the soup definately a new favourite) We all brought some snacks and chatted and enjoyed eachothers company.

23 June 2012

MIHO Unexpected

Would love to hang on of these on a wall somewehere...

22 June 2012

scarf addiction

I love scarves, winter, summer, spring, fall, bring it on!! Here are some of my favourite ones I have seen lately:

By Working girls designs and Helen Dealtry

Red Fern Infinity Scarf - Hand block printed, All Natural Vegetable Dyes, 100% Cotton Loop Scarf, Infinity Cowl, Tube Scarf

By Maelu Designs

Mint Color Block Infinity PASHMINA Scarf - Beautiful Loop Infinity  Scarves

By Three Bird Nest

and last but not least:

LASSO SCARF - Black/White

By Scout & Catalogue


Recently I have sent some more letters to my penpals, also new ones, like Karina Nielsen, a textile designer from Copenhagen. She sent me a lovely letter, see here.

Now she has written such a sweet blogpost about my letter, just have to share! Read more here.

15 June 2012

Stamp project

Recently I had a wedding of a colleague. I decided i would make some little cards for my other colleagues to write their best wishes. I actually made a stamp, lot of fun to do, easier said then done, took me 3 times, finally figured out I had to do them in reverse:-)

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Such sad weather! We have a day of sun, several days of pouring rain and if we are lucky a sunny day. I am SOOO ready for SUNNY RAIN FREE portugal.

How cute is this dress? I am blessed with long legs, but with dresses like these a disadvantage..too short:-(. But none the less, still a cute dress.

Found it here.

8 June 2012

New mail part 2

I cherish every beautifull package I receive from my "penpals"and thats why I feel awfull today....I am missing 1 amazing letter I received from an amazing person. I am a chaotic person and therefore I keep these letters always somewhere I can find them...we had some friends over, I cleaned up and now...I cannot find them :-(. I will, but I have to clean out the cabinets at home, which I will do this weekend. I am so sorry Studio Meez.

This amazing letter I received from Nao me mande flores. Obrigada querida!

5 June 2012

New mail part 1

Been a lucky girl last couple of weeks, I have received some amazing mail.

From Textile letters

and from Wide Eyed Tree

Thank you, thank you!!

4 June 2012


A simple design, easy to work with, a paper bowl that envelops air, stunning result. You can easily change its shape by molding it into a bowl or a vase. It changes color, depending the way you mold it.

The airvase by Torafu.

The watch an online tutorial click here.