17 December 2012


A polish brand called Miszkomaszko, so cute!! Haven' t made up my mind yet, but I am loving the leggings and the dolls...would be great gifts!!

4 December 2012

Piano stairs

Unfortunately i got sick over the weekend, but slowly recovering again!! Its raining and snowing, so no weather to go outside anyway.. Found this video and its brilliant. Would love to be able to walk on these!


18 November 2012

Blue Rabbit House

The Blue Rabbit House I love to follow, she makes such pretty things. I once asked her to make me a pencilholder that I can use for my crochet needles. She made it perfect, colours that I liked, the style. I posted it a while ago here.

She is now hosting a lovely give away, a very cute by fold wallet. If you wanna enter, click here to find what u need to do..Its very simple :-)

11 November 2012

The Glow

"a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms". 

The way they style, how to multi task..it all looks awesome. Mine is on the way and I hope I will look like them. In control, in good shape, loving, creative and happy!

Inspiring mums! Have a look at The Glow here.

Meet Meredith, Christiane, Jeannan, Ramya Jennifer and many more remarkable women. 

7 November 2012


Every thursday I had Portuguese class after work. And every thursday on my way to class I would pass by Mondaine and found myself luring through the windows. Beautifull appetizing cup cakes.

I have taken a break from classes and if possible i will return in April next year. When I do and I promise myself, this time when I pass and find myself luring through the windows, I will enter the shop and get me one of those yummy lovelies.

Or maybe I will invite some friends and have ourselves some nice tea with a yummy cupcake. For 90% made from biological products, daily variety of muffins, cupcakes and macarons.

Pictures from here

3 November 2012


There are thrift shops and there are thrift shops. You have the regular secong hand shops, like De Schalm, de kringloopwinkel. And then there is Stijlloods, beautifull second hand items, unique, good quality and certainly not standard. Love this store, actually ran into a desk I inherited from my mum. Will make a picture sometime and post it. Should you ever be in Haarlem, you should have a look at Stijlloods!

I found a cute thing for the baby room and an old fashioned cleaning set for records and recordplayer for Mr. P.

29 October 2012

a few new likes

I have come across some new items I really like, would perfectly fit for a living room...one day when we will have a our dream house and win the lotery, then...then I can maybe look at this:-) and everything else I would like to have in my house...its gonna be a big house..

 Wallpaper by Merci Brooklyn Tins in collaboration with NLXL. Nuvola sofa of Gervasoni by Paola Navone. Cute clocks by Elke van den Berg & Femke Roefs. All found on the website of VT Wonen one of my favourite magazines!

25 October 2012

Chic Sin Design

Can you believe these are pillows? Via etsy; Chic Sin Design

8 October 2012

Half way!

Time flies, half way now,....our little baby entertains herself with lots of turning, turning and turning. We are looking forward to meet her in february.

Meanwhile I entertain myself by decorating her room.

I came across Fabulous Goose. 2 talented Danish designers, Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne have created a beautifull blanket - Fairytale Forest. See their shop here.

Since my mum read many fairy tales when pregnant with me and according to my father I also had fairy tale wallpaper in my babyroom, this blanket seems perfect to me!

1 October 2012

Jacob Sutton

Simply stunning, these photos from Jacob Sutton. 3 beautifull images taken under water. Happy Monday!

26 September 2012


Hello everyone,

It really has been ages since I have posted anything. But I am back and will start posting more often, read all of my favourite blogs, read the lovely comments and to be inspired by amazing people again.

Agueda, Portugal, I haven' t been there yet, however I would have loved to see this. Shopping and to be protected by these lovely coloured umbrella's... Click here for more, picture taken by Patrica Almeida.

31 July 2012

life changing

Haven't been here much and also I am way behind writing back all my dear penpals (so sorry about that, have the packages half ready to go:-( ). I received some amazing letters by Le Petit Bird told me and Trees and what not.

But I have a good reason. As people say dreams come true and our big dream has come true. So strange actually saying it here out loud....well I am pregnant, baby due in februari 2013. I haven't had much energy to do anything but waking up, managing to pass the day at work, come home eat and sleep again. Much better now at nearly 11 weeks.

This friday we are off to Portugal for 3 weeks, recharging and surprising the family with our news:-). After I promise I will pick up the letter writing again.  

Hope you all will have amazing holidays and untill soon again! XOXO!! Tchau e ate ja!



Should you ever wanna find a really nice place to stay in Amsterdam, you should have a look at this stunning loft. I just love it, I live close to Amsterdam....so not really necessary for me, but I love looking at it:

More here.

17 July 2012


Beautifull, wouldn' t mind hanging this in my house somewhere. See more here.

6 July 2012


Only four weeks left and we will be driving down to Portugal + 2200 kilometers by car..I cannot wait. Almost there.

Look Up at the Stars, Portugal! from Matthew Brown (Matty Brown) on Vimeo.

28 June 2012

24 June 2012


Aren't these great, seriously don't you see yourself walking down the street and sing..."these shoes (boots)  are made for walking..............lalalalala"?

Click here if you wanna know more.

My Saturday

Had a lovely saturday with my family, they were coming over for dinner to celebrate my birthday (2 weeks ago). Enough reason for me to hit the cook books and make some stuff. I made an awesome (if I say so myself) red lentilsoup with spinach, ginger and red pepper. (and a chocolate pie, but the soup definately a new favourite) We all brought some snacks and chatted and enjoyed eachothers company.

23 June 2012

MIHO Unexpected

Would love to hang on of these on a wall somewehere...

22 June 2012

scarf addiction

I love scarves, winter, summer, spring, fall, bring it on!! Here are some of my favourite ones I have seen lately:

By Working girls designs and Helen Dealtry

Red Fern Infinity Scarf - Hand block printed, All Natural Vegetable Dyes, 100% Cotton Loop Scarf, Infinity Cowl, Tube Scarf

By Maelu Designs

Mint Color Block Infinity PASHMINA Scarf - Beautiful Loop Infinity  Scarves

By Three Bird Nest

and last but not least:

LASSO SCARF - Black/White

By Scout & Catalogue