27 May 2012

beautifull stroll

Hello ya' ll,

Have been MIA lately. So sorry, we had visits over from Portugal, wedding, baptism and work has been crazy busy, coming home late. And P and me decided at night I should spend a bit more on the couch and snuggle up to him instead of being occupied by my computer :-).

The weather has been absolutely amazing, with so much sun and clear sky every thing is more beautifull. Grey old buildings are no longer depressing. With our friends we had a nice stroll in town, here are some pics I took! Haarlem has a large canal passing through. Bridges opening an closing, always an amazing site.

ps. the icecream cup from Garrone, well let me tell ya, best icecream salon in Haarlem. Only open in the summer, run by an Italian family. A must have, should you ever visit Haarlem. I am not a huge ice cream fan, but for them I will leave my bed in the middle of the night:-)


  1. Haarlem looks so wonderful!

  2. Lovely pictures! It's so nice to have such a good ice saloon in town :) Italians are the best in making ice cream!
    Did you get my letter?

  3. In dat huisje met die blauwe regen zou ik ook wel willen wonen.

  4. I've been missing your posts! I don't know if I told you this already, but I visited Haarlem in 2008. Of course I loved it and can't wait to visit this lovely city again.

    I have a few pictures I took in the city, in this flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/milaesergio/sets/72157614401700653/
    (see if you can find the ones I took in Haarlem)

    And I can't believe I didn't try this ice cream!


  5. Wat een gezellige straatjes om in rond te lopen en dat ijsje, yum!

  6. how nice to hear from you again. where are you now?
    these street and hoses are so lovely. enjoy this season.

  7. Hi Coco, all is well. Still in the Netherlands, in Haarlem where I live. Have a great weekend!!