8 October 2012

Half way!

Time flies, half way now,....our little baby entertains herself with lots of turning, turning and turning. We are looking forward to meet her in february.

Meanwhile I entertain myself by decorating her room.

I came across Fabulous Goose. 2 talented Danish designers, Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne have created a beautifull blanket - Fairytale Forest. See their shop here.

Since my mum read many fairy tales when pregnant with me and according to my father I also had fairy tale wallpaper in my babyroom, this blanket seems perfect to me!


  1. So exciting! I wish you both all the best!

  2. It's a girl! Does she have a name already? :-)

    These blankets look so cosy!

  3. Hi Teresa, actually we do:-) But we Dutch (very un portuguese, I keep on explaining that to our portuguese family and friends) do not tell the name up front, "afraid" someone else will steal te name. hihi

  4. Half way already? Time really flies! The blanket is really adorable, perfect for a little girl's room!