14 February 2012

Happy Valentines day

This day should not be any different then the other days, you should always say I love you to someone you care about. However its still nice to make someone something and so I did. I am home armed with tissues since I have a terrible cold..(probably from the iceskating), found some great ideas on this new blog i like: Mulipuli, thank you!! Have a look for the recipe here and the DIY for the card here

I made a nice valentines card and some yummy chocolate..how do I know...as a proper chef you always taste the food before you give it to someone to eat ;-).

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  1. May I say, your card looks much nicer than mine :)
    And that pile of chocolate...mmmm!(great idea to use figs, btw)
    Happy Valentine's Day Juultje!!!
    <3 Maja

    1. :-) I liked you card to...had to stop several times, was punching holes in my fingers:-).

    2. haha, me too.
      I actually had to make a secon one, because I got blood on the first card...not very pretty. bloody valentine.