15 February 2012

A code of origin

Bags, bags and bags. I love them, the more the merrier. Different sizes, different colours. A code of origin makes happy fairtrade bags. Even better knowing you supporting your bag collection and a quarter of the profit   made on the bag will go to a social project in Laos.

These 2 are my favourites, have a look for more here.


  1. Beautiful! Even more beautiful if they are fairtrade!

  2. Love the second one. Perfect time of the year, to brighten up ones day with some COLOUR!

  3. I like these, looks great! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, thanks for supporting the fairtrade from Laos! I'm from Laos. I love the second and I have a similiar one in yellow and orange but got mine in Chiangmai, Thailand.

    I came through your blog from Maja's. Isn't nice to have the best pen pals?!