11 March 2012

Sunshine award

What a way to start a Sunday. Beautifull sun outside, love the empty streets, the sound of silence...so peacefull. And I got awarded with a "Sunshine award". Obrigada Teresa, so sweet!! Its an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world.

Here are my answers:

Favourite color: Army Green (hard choice, love navy blue and red too, I tend to change my mind several times:-))
Favorite animal: dog
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Home made smoothies and a latte..(not a day passes by without a nice latte!)
Facebook or twitter: Facebook
Getting or giving presents: love both!
Favourite flowers: Roses (but then again, I love flowers and there are so many more pretty ones!)
Favourite pattern: stripes
Passion: cooking & being creative
Favourite number: 5

I award the following 5 blogs!

Cabo da Roca, last year June. P and me on one bike and his cousin and husband on another. A beautifull sunny day, enjoying the ride up there, the amazing view and having breakfast. It was a lovely surprise from P to start of my birthday!

Have a happy and sunny sunday!!

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  1. Thank you, that's so kind, but I already got this award, you can read my answers here: http://wide-eyed-tree.blogspot.com/2012/02/sunshine-award.html