2 March 2012

My Holga

I have been using my Holga when I can. Its so much fun, its easy and you never know how it turns out. Even in developing the film. First time I went to Hema and then used the negatives in another shop, and pictures turned out different in both places. At Hema they were brighter and at the photo shop darker...I have no idea why, but next time I guess I will use Hema again.

C here a few I made in New York:


  1. It must be great to stand there and looking over all these buildings!

  2. I have a Diana-mini and also try to take her everywhere with me. You never know when there's going to be a photo-opportunity. Beautiful views!

  3. Ik zou mijn Diana wat vaker moeten gebruiken, er wacht nog steeds een rolletje om ontwikkelt te worden. Hele knappe foto's, vooral die laatste is adembenemend mooi!