19 April 2012

Summer search

I am seriously still walking around in my wintercoat. Heatings are still on, still pick my warmest sweaters. My search for the sun sofar has no luck, I really hope the temperatures will be up soon so I can open my doors and windows and welcome the sun in my house.

Meanwhile I feel like Sacha, the most adorable boxer I know, P cousins dog last year when she was still little, crying:


  1. Ik kijk ook zoooooo uit naar zonniger dagen! Al mijn kleurige kleren liggen te lachen naar mij maar het is veel te fris om ze aan te trekken...
    Hopelijk blijft het na dit mottige weer maanden mooi weer dan!

  2. Me too! Still heating, still winter clothes. And on top a nasty flu :/
    But soon there will be a weather change they said. I hope it's true :)