15 April 2012

Pimp my painting

About 3 weeks ago I went to Breda to spend a weekend with my little sister. And i did some research before just to see if there would be some places I would like to visit. I had to visit Feito Com Amor (made with love) and amazing little shop run by Pamela. You will find second hand made pieces, cool fair trade products, things you cannot find anywhere else. If you want something original, thats the place to be and Pamela has a bubbly & happy personality that makes you instantly like her.

She also organizes workshops with several artists and designers, like every 2 months or so and yesterday (i just had to go) did a workshop on pimp my painting by Julie van Zessen. Take a second hand painting and redo it!! So much fun and inspiring to see what other people do.

All of us

before (except for the flowers, i nearly forget to take a before:-))

and after (however not finished yet!)


  1. that shop looks great! what a fun idea :) x

  2. Oh we had this painting in our dining room my whole childhood. what a funny idea to transform those pictures :)

  3. how fun! really interesting all the different results!