8 June 2012

New mail part 2

I cherish every beautifull package I receive from my "penpals"and thats why I feel awfull today....I am missing 1 amazing letter I received from an amazing person. I am a chaotic person and therefore I keep these letters always somewhere I can find them...we had some friends over, I cleaned up and now...I cannot find them :-(. I will, but I have to clean out the cabinets at home, which I will do this weekend. I am so sorry Studio Meez.

This amazing letter I received from Nao me mande flores. Obrigada querida!


  1. Ach, die komt wel terug tevoorschijn :)
    Mooie post weer!

  2. You're welcome Julie! I'm glad you liked it! ♥

  3. lovely mail!
    by the way, i received your letter! thanks! :-)

  4. I got your letter! Thank you so much!!!

  5. love the old pictures from Rio!
    It's such a beautiful city :)