2 May 2013

IG love

Funny how life changes in an instant, one minute you are a couple and the next you are a small family.

My days are filled with feeding, changing nappies, singing and washing (lots of washing:-)). No more extensive cooking & baking. In the future again I hope :-). For now I have an adorable little girl to entertain who is smiling more and more each day and has new noises every single day. I think she has a portuguese temper, she already has mood swings, definately from papa' s side:-)

I have developed a crush on Instagram, you will find me daily there...so inspirational, you find recognition with other mums and I love peeking in other people' s lives. My name there is jbeerepoot, should you wanna look ;-).

Via IG I found Zilverblauws blog (see here) and the great posters she makes and a very yummy egg-advocado salad. She makes beautifull pictures. I bought one poster of her posters: Never Grow Up...:-). Looks great in Annemays room. (For the salad recipe look here.)

Ps. the other lovely poster is from Studio Meez

Picture made by Zilverblauw


  1. Heb je toegevoegd op IG! Ik ben polkasyl...
    Ik ben er ook een beetje verslaafd aan, al die mooie foto's...

  2. Ik ben ook een IG-fan!! Verslaafd aan alle mooie fotootjes die dagelijks in mijn nieuwsoverzicht passeren.. Heb je toegevoegd, ik ben,polkasyl :)