6 May 2013

Studio Escargot

I keep telling myself, Annemay will like this, it will be her favourite one. I love buying books and toys for her.  I do not have much (yet) as I have my eyes set on specific items. I already got her a blabla kids doll...only took me about a few months to decide which one...and now I have my eyes set on these cuties: Studio Escargot dolls

I wanna have one made with the suit Annemay wore when she was born. She still fits in it, so I have to wait a bit. These cuties are made by Sophia Smeekens and are becoming a real hit. Many mums on instagram have already gotten 1 or more for their baby girls. She is having a give -away, so go have a look here.

Aren't they adorable?

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