30 September 2014

Chaos in my head

WE are going away for a week, but feels I need to take stuff for a life time. Why, well I am travelling with one child. Only one child. Wonder what it would be like if your travel with 2 or more.

It started with booking the tickets. Mr. P. said lets take the cheapest ones, no luggage, just a bag. And I said...we are travelling with Annemay. ah.... since it doesnt really matter anymore than, you starts looking into the times. Wondering if you can book the times where she will hopefully sleeping and not running up and down the corridors....mothers nightmares. Do not get me wrong I love her and she will probably behave, but I just keep the worst in mind.

Packing last year - this year I will be doing this when she is at the creche, otherwise she gets anxious. She does that when she senses something is gonna happen.

What to bring on the flight. She needs to be entertained, so I bought a bag of toys. The worst kind and some that mama likes. I cannot only buy cheap plastic. Sorry, I cannot, its not fun buying the cheap ugly kind. But for sure those are the ones she will be playing with. Snacks, do I bother with healthy (carrots, plain crackers) or do i go straight for the cookies and raisins..?

Packing bags....I make lists,so I do not forget anything. I pass by my daily routine and every item I use on a day and write that down. And I start packing......half my household. And then I stop, look at everything and wonder what I could buy there and take that out. Diapers, saves a lot of space, certain toiletries, towels, anything I think the family might have there.
Not just what I need to bring, but what I wanna bring. I like to have options in clothing. I always overpack, but what if....I end up buying new stuff and not using half of it. I do the same for her clothes.

It keeps me entertained for days......but the journey is worth it. I will be sitting in the sun, on the beach, eating yummy family food, hopefully find some willing family members who wanna entertain Annemay and we get to relax (just a little). :-).

XO Julie


  1. Hahaha herkenbaar. Stickers werken trouwens ook heel goed. Joris is er gek op en uren zoet mee :-D Have fun. Relax and Enjoy! X

    1. :-) bedankt voor de tip, die ga ik nog even regelen dan.