30 September 2014

New spot in town - Pippa's

I love living in Haarlem, close to Amsterdam, close to the beach, close to dunes and greens. Also its such a child friendly city. Many playgrounds outside and inside!

We have Meneer Paprika in the city center, we have Mini Markt in Bloemendaal (5 minute drive) and now we have Pippa's at the train station. Lunch and dinner while kids are playing with trains and have place to read and make art. Love it! Places where I get to hang out with friends, having coffee or wine and the kids can run around and play. Unlike many places where they have to sit still at the table. Which is an impossible task with A, who loves to run wild and free and will make a dramatic scene.

Ps. if you want to learn more great tips in haarlem for kids (toddlers and pre-scholers) have a look at Mugjes ,


  1. Wat een toptentje Julie!
    Ik vind het een goede optie voor 31 oktober :)


    1. Lijkt me prima! :-) doen we. De broodjes waren lekker, kunnen we het avondeten testen.